Patient Service

"Medical tourism is a term involving people who travel to a different place to receive treatment for a disease, ailment, or condition, and who are seeking lower cost of care, higher quality of care, better access to care, or different care than they could receive at home country.”

Medipoc has a team for International Patient Services, which offers personalized services for overseas patients. Services include medical query handling in country of origin and pre- evaluation for optimal treatment options with estimated length of stay and estimated costs.  The emergence of web-based medical tourism facilitators (MTFs) has added a new dimension to the phenomenon of cross-border travel. These facilitators are crucial connectors between foreign patients and host countries. They help patients navigate countries, doctors and specialties. However, little attention has been paid to the authenticity of information displayed on the facilitators' web portals, and whether they follow ethical guidelines and standards.

Medipoc medical coordinators will identify the best medical expert team for patient evaluation in advance. Medical Experts team will concentrate to meet the patient specific needs. The patient will also get informational profile about specialists in charge in advance.

Medipoc Team will assist on every requirement in medical travel. From visa assistance to accommodation arrangements and from Doctor’s appointments to medical operations. Medipoc Team also attend family/relative queries and assist in Follow-up care planning.

This experienced and dedicated team takes care of all clinical and administrative requirements of patients and their companions coming to get treatment from overseas. A personal coordinator / case manager is assigned to each patient, and is for ta king care of all aspects of patients’ visit to ensure that they feel at home. The services are focused on meeting the special needs of the patients and their families during their visit for medical purposes.

With globalization, the world has shrunk even as the global healthcare industry has grown. The consequent integration of world economies has had a considerable impact on the health trade (12). Newer modes of trade for accessing healthcare have transformed the nature of health service delivery. Medical tourism is one such segment of the health trade (34). While it is not new, it has grown substantially in recent years, with the entry of more than 50 countries into this business in a short time span (56).

Medical tourism involves patients travelling from their home country to a foreign country, where they must make arrangements for their treatment and stay. When seeking care in a foreign country, patients use various agents including insurance companies and healthcare providers (7). One of these agencies is the Medical Tourism Facilitator (MTF). MTFs provide a combination of arrangements required for medical tourism, and act as intermediaries between patients and medical services (4). They have a presence in the host country, the destination country or a third country (8). They enable foreign patients to locate a suitable destination within their budget (910). MTF companies (11) advertise and reach a larger audience through the medium of the internet. They have emerged as the most common source of information that influences a patient's choice of destination country (12). Today, MTFs are an indispensable component of the medical tourism industry, as they connect hospitals and physicians to patients across the world (13). They are networking tools that provide particular hospitals or physicians with a much wider platform and can promote them across the globe (411).

We continuously research and follow the latest developments and evaluate the best medical teams with highest success rates to provide you the latest possible treatment solution as per your individual condition. We will negotiate and monitor your treatment process in collaboration with verified super specialized doctors, who will provide you the latest treatment option possibilities globally. We will also assist you in all needed supportive services for your benefit. Our aim is to provide you peace of mind, in your search for solution for your medical needs. Our patient service providers with super specialist consultants, Medical Directors and Head of Department doctors, will personally look after you during your trip to get exact treatment, what you need to possibly save your life or give you the most benefits in good quality of life.

Evaluation and Assessment of Medical History

Accommodation as per requirements, wishes and budget

Hospital Treatment coordination and medical appointment attending

Selecting Destination and optimal Team of Specialists

Food services as per individual habits

24H Emergency Duty

Medical Visa and Travel Documents arrangements as per requirements

International SIM

Free Time Guidance and Assistance

Travel scheduled as per treatment plan

Internet Services

Rehabilitation arrangement  assistance if required

Destination Transport Services

Native language speaking attendant when required

Follow- Up Assistance and Telemedicine Services