Finndia Consortium members will be your company’s trusted advisors in pre- assesment, market entry, company structuring, financing, accounting and legal services. As a partner, your company interests will be protected as a stakeholder.

We as your partners in consulting and transaction advisors, our members will assist your market entry and growth in India and it’s neighbouring countries and selected partner countries for cross- border collaboration. Besides strategical consulting services tailored to India and its specific market requirements, we offer best practices from experienced team for your market entry and market expansion tenure. We will also provide assesment, feasibility studies and due diligence for India businesses as well as accounting, market research, project analysis and legal advising.

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Educational Institutes

We offer the finest methods for inspiring, successful and globally highly recognized courses with very broad range of learning environments to support self-guided development, which creates a basis for comprehensive learning of multiprofessional competences: projects, simulations, student cooperative, e-learning and work-related learning. All the courses will be specifically tailored with collaboration of the local entities to match the target country’s needs, based on social, cultural, economic and population volume needs.

Latest educational possibilities from the top level educational and medical development country in the world. There are 1.3 million schools, 800 universities, 38 000 colleges and 10 000 Industrial Training Institutes in India. The total government spending on education is 3.7 % of GDP. In 2010, a “Right to Education Act” was implemented and it guarantees free and compulsory education to every child between 6 to 14 years. The education bill has improved school infrastructure and increased enrollment, but there is still a great disparity between rural India and the bigger cities in which connectivity exists and digitalization is increasing rapidly. There are also substantial differences between the public and the private sector.

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3D and VR

Finland is considered the world’s leading innovator and developer in 3D and Virtual & Augmented Reality, offering full range ecosystem in these areas of expertise. Selected forerunner companies from Finland, in partnership with Finndia Consortium, offers the frontline of virtual reality and associated technologies and solutions to India.

Our partner companies and organisations offers consulting and services to choose right equipment and software to fulfill specific needs and training how to get most out from selected set- ups. The experts will also assist healthcare and educational institutes and companies to improve the utilization, internationalization and export conditions by providing the latest knowhow and technical resources in the field of Medical 3D, VR & AR.

Finndia Consortium Platform aims to build and strength the collaboration and reputation of Indo- Finnish medical research, education, innovation and business and to enhance the competitiveness of existing companies in global market and to create new business opportunities for all participating units and sectors.

With the support of Consortium partners, clients will get opportunity and access to participate in creating Globally recognized Cloud- based Center of Excellence in the area of Medical 3D. Being a part of The Consortium will also give an opportunity to arrange or to participate annual global seminar around the topic with top key notes at changing location and to be a part in creating a totally new industry in the field of ”Direct Digital Manufacturing in Health care”.

As being a partner or client of this group of innovators and recognized companies, will give a boost to attract investments for medical and pharmaceutical industry companies by showing use and know- how the latest available technology and being the part with the frontline developer in the industry.

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Medical Technology

Medical device market in India is growing and changing heavily. India has become the fastest growing economy in the world what reflects to never-before-seen development in India's economic, healthcare, educational and social landscape. This growth and development gives outstanding opportunity for medical device companies and manufactures in India.

The Indian Government has changed and past few years with Prime Minister Modi has been seen as a turning point also for medical device market in India. As the healthcare is one of the key initiatives of the Indian Government and Prime Minister, 100% Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in medical devices manufacturing is now allowed under the new liberalized policy.

The medical device market is estimated to be at around US$ 4 billion and is likely to grow at a CAGR of 15% by 2020. Medical technology market in India is still mainly import-driven, covering 70% of the market. Domestic industry in India has mainly been able to address only low-end technology needs.

High- end medical device market in India, is currently dominated by USA, Japan and European companies by import rate of 85- 90%. Need and demand for advanced, high-end medical technology and devices is where Finnish technology and know-how has a huge potential in several diagnostic and therapeutical area. India is highly dependent on imports for many types of medical devices, especially high end products like cancer diagnostics, pathology, imaging, PCR/ POC technologies and mobile and outreach solutions.

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Smart Care

Elderly Care and Domestic Care in India is a new market rising rapidly. India's population growth and ageing population is entering into state of immediate action and these care services in India are mainly dependent on private companies. There is lack of sufficient services for the elderly care and domestic care from the government's side.

In India there is estimated 100 million, over 60-year-old citizens and by the year 2050 the number will rise to more than 300 million people. Finland has highly recognized education and training programs for care personnel, certified products and services and innovative new technology solutions, what are still not available in Indian Market.

Beside educational training programs and knowledge, Finnish companies can provide Smart Home equipment, wearables, mobile solutions and short term and long term courses of medical and non-medical care for the elders and rehabilitation in domestic surrounding. These kind of courses, products, solutions and service development will be also taken into part of  hospital services to reduce the extreme load in this specific sector.



Biotech is one of the fastest growing segments of the life sciences sector in India and represents wide range opportunity for biotech, pharmaceutical and medical companies. The Consortium will arrange access to high level mutual research projects and collaboration for example genetic research and pharmacogenomics. With this network service, bioscience or medical science company can get valuable global market benefits like huge clinical trial database from wide population graph, cost- effectively, with quality facilities and unlimited resources.

The Indian biotech industry has an approximately 2% share of the global biotech industry alone. The Indian industry itself is expected to experience enormous grow from the current $5-7 billion to $100 billion by 2025 as India has emerged as a leading destination for clinical trials, contract research, and manufacturing activities in the bio-services sector in the world.

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Family Wellness

India's Prime Minister has expressed his concern at the country's infant mortality rate. India has been focusing in all services for maternal health and infant health, but there is still long way to go until these services reach effectively also the most marginalized sections of the society. This is where Finnish knowledge, training, outreach solutions and monitoring systems will have a place and need in managing child and maternal health and to tackle malnutrition and infections.

Poor nutrition contributes to almost 45% of under-five mortality. It also especially increases the risk of mortality from neonatal infections, pneumonia, diarrhea – all of which are major contributors to infant mortality in India. Interventions to improve neonatal mortality are a focused set of services that need attention within the health system in India. One of major underlying drivers of poor outcomes for mothers and children health is early pregnancy, when the mother is not receiving enough attention and assistance in programs and policies, comparing f.e. maternity and pre-natal clinic system in Finland.

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Human Resources

Finndia Consortium network in Human Recourses was established to respond to the need of professional medical personnel, nurses, domestic caretakers, housekeeping and sanitation labor in Europe and effectively train capable personnel abroad, including language and culture training. Finndia also arrange pre- testing and recruitment drives in country of origin and will assist in licensing professionals to work in selected EU countries as per requirements.

There is great disparity between the available and required number of nurses in India too. Currently, there is a shortfall of nearly 4 million nurses; the talent that is available is highly skewed towards a few states and urban areas, which also gives foreign educational institutes outstanding opportunity to train groups of trainers from India to address this challenge in their home country.

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Medical Tourism

Finndia Consortium provides individually tailored Patient Service for medical travelers to the optimal state- of- the- art treatment options without any delay. Finndia has a long history in organizing medical value travelling services between Europe and India, including personalized and individual assistance for patients looking for the most advanced treatment and procedure possibilities abroad. 

Finndia Consortium partner hospitals are India’s largest private sector hospitals, internationally accredited and the highest ranked hospitals nationwide with success rates comparable to the best medical centers in the world. India's competitive advantage lies in its large pool of highly trained and extremely experienced medical professionals. India is also cost competitive compared to its peers in Asia and Western countries. The cost of surgery in India is about one-tenth of that in the US or Western Europe and in India, the latest advantages of global medical developments and innovations are made available immediately for the individual whenever patient benefit is seen.

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Genetic Profiling

Latest developments in personal human genetic profiling and cancer genomics for optimal treatment options. Finndia section for Genomic Sciences provides leading clinical human genomic research and testing for individuals to discover optimal treatment for severe diseases.

Finndia offers the most advanced cancer genomics and personal genomic analyzing, lifestyle genomic testing and even testing for family members of cancer patients to assess the existing risk of a disease.  Finndia makes these finest advantages of medical science easily to be in reach for a common people and as a cost- effective solution for the most beneficial treatment of the patient.

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One of India’s most popular success stories and the main source of Indian economic growth has been the ICT Sector.  ICT has catapulted India’s economy to become one among the largest in the world. India has been dominated the world in information technology and is considered the Global ICT powerhouse even for the largest enterprises existing today.  India’s ICT sector is approximately valued at US$ 130 billion and growing. Finndia Consortium provides opportunities for domestic and international companies to be part of this powerhouse of growth. Markets such as commerce, healthcare, education, banking and finance and governance are constantly seeking and developing innovative ICT solutions to improve service delivery and productivity.

The boom of Indian ICT sector is a flow of opportunities for foreign entities to enter India. India offers major advantages to  in market for ICT solutions in multiple domains such as Education, Commerce, Healthcare, Financial Services, Security and Governance domestically and internationally.

India has huge workforce of young and reasonably well-trained employees, significant cost advantage comparing to so- called developed countries and support from the government to enable Indian- International ventures to target overseas markets from India, with unlimited Indian resources.


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